CONOW is a centre for international relations. We assist our clients with knowledge and advice on country situations, government relations, social responsibility, corporate communications, safety and emergency preparedness. CONOW consits of experts with different backgrounds and knowledge of diverse disciplines. We offer clients individual, tailor-made, services within the following areas:


CONOW's advisers produce analyses on country situations, politics, economics and culture. Our analyses provide nuanced information and knowledge as a basis for strategic priorities and effective decision-making.


CONOW advises and prepares processes on how a client can pursue interests with the Norwegian and/or other governments. We assist our clients to conduct effective public affairs in order to efficiently implement strategies and build sound relationships with important decision-makers.


CONOW's experts offer advice on initiatives and projects related to how businesses can act responsibly. We have expertise on issues of environment, development, human rights and ethics. We facilitate cooperation with organisations and governments to create win-win solutions.


CONOW's consultants assist with strategies and solutions that strengthen the profile, reputation and market opportunities for our clients. CONOW offers consulting in political communication, marketing communication and crisis communication.


CONOW's advisers prepare clients to meet potential crises by designing security analyses, contingency plans and exercises. We also assist clients during crisis situations. 

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