Axel Rigault Jørgensen

Axel Rigault Jørgensen has experience in international relations and since he graduated in 2016, he has had meaningful experiences within the field of human rights, foreign policy and advocacy-related work. He has an international background, and has interned at Human Rights Watch and the Henry Jackson Society. Axel is experienced within the field of analysis, research, communication and advocacy-work.

Jørgensen is specialized in geopolitics and security studies with a focus on the Middle East and Eurasia. He has thorough knowledge of global security trends, terrorism, conflict and military history. Jørgensen also has knowledge of international development and state building, as well as on authoritarian regime-policy.

He’s also worked as a political advisor in an SRHR organization in Oslo. Rigault Jørgensen holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Essex, and an MSc in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam. He speaks Norwegian, English and French fluently.

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